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farscapelims's Journal

Farscape LIMS
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This community is an icon making contest of the popular LIMS (Last Icon Maker Standing) style. Thanks to the original fs_lims for the inspiration and foundations for this comm.

Anyone is allowed to vote on the icons, so even if you aren't an icon maker you can participate, just make sure to watch the community!

- You must join the comm as well as enter at the sign up post for each round.
- Participants will make 1 icon from one of the provided caps.
- Icons need to be 100x100 pixels and no more than 40kb in size.
- Icons are entered by posting a new comment to the challenge post (all comments are screened).
- Each challenge will last two weeks.
- Do not share your icons with anyone nor post them before the results are out.

- Participants must enter an icon in every challenge until they are eliminated, however they are allowed to skip one challenge in every round.

- Anyone is allowed to vote.
- Do not vote for yourself or tell anyone else which icon is yours to influence them to vote for you.
- Please vote for the two icons you think are the best quality as well as the two icons you think are the lowest quality. You must give reasons for your votes. (A good place to see some useful voting guidelines)


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