ghanima sun (ghanimasun) wrote in farscapelims,
ghanima sun

Round 2 - Challenge 7

Why yes, I did actually forget about this comm for a while. Well mostly I just got distracted by a lot of holiday stuff and being a huge slacker. But that's all over with now (hopefully)!

-Community rules here.
-Submit one icon only.
-You may only use the provided pictures.
-Textures, brushes, text are allowed.
-Animation is not allowed.
-Do not post your icons anywhere else or share which icon you made with others until the results are published.

Screencaps for Challenge 7
-Entries are due Monday January 21st, 11:59PM EST (countdown)

Challenge 7 Participants
05. jsfunction
07. thyla87
10. once_shaken
Tags: challenge, r02.ch07

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